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3D Mink Lashes

Compared with other types of mink lashes, 3D mink lashes are made purely by hand. They are made of mink exfoliated hair (zero cruelty),which are natural black protein. They look very natural to wear.And mink lashes have different warping. They look 3D. So they are called 3D mink lashes. At present,3D mink lashes are the best and also the most expensive.


Our 3D minks have 4-8 layers . They look fuller and thicker. The 3D effect is evident. Customers can’t wait to wear them once they see the actual product. There are many styles of mink lashes. Different styles have different effects. Some are natural, some are fascinating. Once you compare our eyelashes with cheap ones, I believe you won’t use cheap minks anymore.Don’t tell me that there’s a market for cheap faux mink lashes wholesale, the market is always changing. When customers all buy premium mink lashes,isn’t too late for you to start promoting premium mink lashes?

Our mink eyelashes have more than 100 styles, and we are constantly designing new styles. Our styles are developing all the time,at the beginning,the style is natural,and now it could also be open and dramatic. Recently we also designed 10 types of long eyelashes,the length is 25mm, 25mm mink strip lashes are very popular in the market. If you’re looking for a more dramatic appearance, you’ll like our mink lashes, which look very full. As a eyelash manufacturer , we’d like to provide more choice of styles to make your customers look different every day.

Our mink lashes are very durable. We recommend wearing them 20-25 times. If eyelashes get dirty in the use process,you can wash them and dry them with a hair dryer. Then you could wear them again and 3D effect is still so good.

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