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3D mink Lashes factory from China

3D mink Lashes factory from China

2 thoughts on “3D mink Lashes factory from China

  1. Hello I’m interested in wholesale lashes with label

    1. Dear Demere Kidd,
      Happy your inquiry,
      We can supply you mink lashes with label, dear we can supply you customized box. Dear,
      INS@ beimitina_lashes
      1:MOQ Lash: 1pair
      Price mink lash: 2usd/pair
      Price mink lash: 3usd/pair
      Price mink lash: 6.5usd/pair
      2:MOQ Box: 100box, 100box is appropriate with logo
      Price box:0.7usd/pair
      Price box:1.2usd/pair
      Price box:1.9usd/pair
      Dear, waiting from you further feedback.
      Best regard,

      Whatsapp: +86 15064855519

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